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living breathing talking love

not the same as one who screams when people die

19 February
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I never know what to say in these things. Besides, you probably already know me from somewhere if you're reading my journal.
80s music, accents, age of sail, alison bechdel, alkaline trio, amber, androgyny, anne perry, archie kennedy, arisia, asian history, aubrey/maturin, austin healey sprite, baking, biker jackets, blackadder, books, boys in eyeliner, breeches, brian froud, british actors, bubblebaths, cats, celtic music, character development, charlie weasley, chocolate, civilian space program, converse all stars, cooking, corsets, costume, costuming, crumpet, david bowie, debauched sloths, dim sum, doc martens, dorothy parker, douglas adams, dressing up, dyan ardais, ego likeness, etiquette, evan rosier, ewan mcgregor, fabric, fairy tales, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, folklore, freedom of expression, gay rights, gender issues, georgette heyer, georgian, good grammar, good punctuation, good spelling, grammar, gray mouser, green day, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, historic costuming, historical costume, historical re-enacting, hitchhiker's guide, hms surprise, hogwarts, hornblower, hot sauce, hypoglycemia, ioan gruffudd, jack sparrow, jamie bamber, japan, jeeves and wooster, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, knitting, legilimency, les miserables, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, love, marmite, master and commander, medieval history, midshipmen, muppets, music, mythology, needlework, neil gaiman, npr, occlumency, ogden nash, old houses, oliver wood, organic food, original characters, patrick o'brian, paul bettany, paul mcgann, pennywhistle, percy weasley, perfume, pirates, pre-raphaelite, pride and prejudice, pro-choice, ravenclaw, reading, recorder, regency, renaissance history, roleplaying games, romance, rpgs, scents, science fiction, sewing, sf, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, ska, snape, sparkly things, squeaking archie, star wars, stephen maturin, steven brust, susan cooper, suzanne vega, swords, tall ships, tea, the beatles, the princess bride, the prisoner, tipping the velvet, tolkien, velvet goldmine, warner bros. cartoons, warren zevon, women's rights, writing