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living breathing talking love

Why is cleaning other people's houses so much fun?

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Why is cleaning other people's houses so much fun?

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 Well, okay. This wasn't CLEANING, like mopping and vacuuming. This was cleaning OUT.

gehayi 's aunt left her a house and all its contents some years back. Some of the contents - like the living room stuff -- are basically arranged as they always had been, and the only issues are broken-down chairs and the fact that gehayi 's books are piled on every flat surface. Well, that and the enormous Zenith console TV that's just being a TV cart for the one that works, right now. But the living room is a room. A bunch of the other rooms are, well, kind of stacked and piled. With STUFF.

There's curbside pickup of charitable donations on her street tomorrow. (This round goes to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.) We stuffed two big trash bags full of clothes that didn't fit or who the hell knows what they were doing there. This let me use the coat closet to hold ACTUAL COATS, instead of weird granny housecoats & women's suits from the 1980s. Also, there were twelve assorted umbrellas there. I claimed one of the compact ones to keep in my car, as the one I'd been keeping there was on its last legs.

It's pretty impressive how much easier it is to walk around when you're not dodging a coat tree loaded with winter coats. In June.

Some of the clothes were also from one of the upstairs bedrooms. Which I cleared out to give myself a walking path to look for some other things gehayi thought were in there. They weren't, but there was a perfectly good typing table that I brought down to sit next to her desk and hold reference books and office supplies. Much nicer than a Pile, which is what was there before.

I also discovered a non-working canister vacuum. That's going to the free "electronics and anything with a cord" recycling center tomorrow.

Next week we've scheduled a bulky waste pickup. That'll get at least two defunct stuffed armchairs and a broken swivel chair out of the house, and I bet I'll find some other things that should go. There's currently a lovely new marked-down floor model COMFORTABLE OFFICE CHAIR where she'd been using one of the defunct armchairs as a desk chair. But the armchair's gotta go.

This all started with sorting out her paper files because of taxes. It was pretty satisfying to get them down to a single banker's box of back files and one plastic briefcase-bucket of current year things.

But once I did that I started seeing other stuff.

I may have gotten carried away.

But damn, it's SATISFYING to make that stuff gone!
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