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living breathing talking love

Passing the word (and the hat)

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Passing the word (and the hat)

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 via [personal profile] nonny via naamah_darling :

Aw, craaaaaaap, you guys, help for friends?strangers to me, rikibeth , but it sure sounds like stuff that's happened to me before (thinking of a Philcon in the '90s):

"</a></b></a>louisadkins, </a></b></a>omimouse, and Jade are stranded in a small town in Wyoming on the way back to their home in West Virginia. They headed out from our place Friday, made good time on the trip, but the minivan they are driving started flickering with a oil pressure light and then ... pretty much died on the road. They have been able to get AAA to take them to a hotel and the vehicle to a mechanic's shop, but... the sounds the vehicle was making lead them to believe it's an engine failure.

"Which is $$$$. Which they don't have, and they have no way of getting back home otherwise. Louis's paypal is louis.adkins@hotmail.com and anything anyone can spare, bumping the word, passing this around, is much appreciated as time is something they don't have (due to cost of hotels, food, etc)."

Shiiiit. Any help y'all could lend would be GREAT. Spreading the word would be GREAT. Nobody needs this shit.
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