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living breathing talking love

Still here!

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Still here!

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b/w profile
I wasn't doing very well for a while, though, which led me to withdraw from a lot of social media. I avoided LJ especially since I got hit with a flood of spam. I've cleaned it out now.

But I'm back! And I'm going to try to keep up with my reading, because I miss you all.

Wht have I been doing? Well, scheduling has made it difficult for me to get to evening classes without disrupting my household's routine, so I'm finishing up my medical billing & coding training online. I have exams scheduled in July and August.

And... drum roll, please... I've just gotten the final edits finished on the manuscript for my novel Love Continuance and Increasing, so things are looking good for it to come out from Storm Moon Press on August 2 as scheduled! Print and e-book, in appropriate formats for all the e-readers I know about. Bisexual polyamorous historical romance! In genre terms, MMF menage, and they'd call it a Regency, though it's just slightly before it - 1802-1805. But it's achieved its final text! Many thanks to gehayi, who's now one of Storm Moon's editing team, and who (to my great delight) edited my book.

Now I sit around and wait for the cover art. Please, please, let it be good...

I also have a short story called "Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant" coming out in Storm Moon's Turning the Tables anthology, which should be released sometime in July. A few of you may have read an earlier version. It features a dominant lady Barbary pirate and a submissive British naval captain. When I have a release date and cover art for that, believe me, I'll post it.

Other than that? Well, I'm the parent of a senior. Who'll be going to UMass Amherst next year, unless the waitlist at Emerson comes through, which we're not counting on.

Oh, yeah, and I made it to the in-person tryouts for Jeopardy, two weeks ago. It was fun. Now I sit back and wait to see if they call me.

I am NOT going to be able to catch up on back posts. If there are things you want me to know, please tell me.
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