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living breathing talking love

Housekeeping: Purge Accomplished

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Housekeeping: Purge Accomplished

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b/w profile
If you can see the one that says "Housekeeping: Friendslocked" I'm still reading you on LJ and, obviously, you have access.

If you have a DW and crosspost, let me know and I'll subscribe there/unsubscribe here. I'd rather read the posts where they originate. Access granted on a case-by-case basis, though I haven't been posting much friendslocked lately.

If you can't see the friendslocked post, and you want to be added back here instead of DW, leave a comment. I'll be happy to add back, but I may ask you where I know you from after I do, just so I won't get all confused again. If you'd rather I subscribe to you and grant you access on DW, do that instead. If they're two different names, remind me of who you are. My memory is REALLY BAD these days.

I'll be doing some filter maintenance after this, but probably not today.

Also, EVERYONE is invited/encouraged to subscribe to julian_griffith, at either location. Don't worry about access because I really only ever make public posts there. But if you want to keep up on my writing stuff, that's where to do it.
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