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living breathing talking love

Off to Arisia

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Off to Arisia

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I know, I know, I hardly ever post here any more.

But I'm off to Arisia! If you want to find me, I'll be at the Naughty Nurses table from 11am-1pm on Saturday and 1-3pm on Sunday. Otherwise, look for Bellatrix Lestrange on Friday night (don't expect me before 7pm), and either fem!Jack Harkness or Idris the TARDIS most of the rest of the time. Sunday after 3, it'll DEFINITELY be fem!Jack.

If you want to find me online, you're more likely to catch me at julian_griffith (either LJ or DW, I crosspost) or either of my tumblrs: auntiehornblower or juliangriffith. I ought to remember to use the @rikibeth and @julianxgriffith Twitters more.

The reason I'm doing so much more as Julian Griffith is because I'm so damn excited about MY BOOK COMING OUT IN AUGUST. I haven't started the editorial process yet (end of January), though I've filled out the cover art questionnaire, but Love Continuance and Increasing is going to be a REAL BOOK, you guys. So I post there, though it's mostly writing stuff.

See you at Arisia!

ETA: At [personal profile] regyt 's request, blurb for the book below:
Lieutenant William Thorne, of His Majesty's Navy, was a man of humble origins. He knew that his affair with Major Anthony Rockingham of the 43rd Infantry couldn't last forever, not only because the war against Napoleon sent him on blockade duty in the English Channel while the major's regiment trained ashore, but because Rockingham was a viscount, and viscounts must marry. When Rockingham's letter reached him, saying that he'd chosen Miss Caroline Filmer as his bride, it was no more than Thorne had expected. What he had not expected, when he returned home after the Battle of Trafalgar, was to find an invitation to the christening of Rockingham's son. He had not expected, when he met the young viscountess, that he would fall instantly and passionately in love with her. And he had certainly never expected that Caroline would fall just as desperately in love with him. Thorne was sure that their feelings for each other could only lead to disaster, even more so as his love for Rockingham had never gone away. While the war with France continued, he found himself fighting a war within his own heart...
Also, An Unexpected Gift, a Christmas-themed short story featuring Thorne and Rockingham, appeared on the Speak Its Name Advent calendar this past December.
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