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living breathing talking love

An Unexpected Gift

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An Unexpected Gift

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 My short story, An Unexpected Gift, is up at the Speak Its Name Advent calendar!

It's a brief Christmas interlude between Lt. Thorne and Lord Rockingham, and there's food, and peg-dolls.

And if you leave a comment, you're entered to win my giveaway prize:

I don't have a book to give away yet. So I knit.

A pair of hand-knitted coffee cup cozies, meant to protect your hands from hot takeout cups. And, as you can see, one's a naval lieutenant's coat, and one's an army officer's! Or the best I could make them, with bits of gold braid and sequins.

There are other stories and holiday essays from other authors, too, like Charlie Cochrane and Alex Beecroft, among others, and prize giveaways every day, and a bonus quiz question to be submitted at the end, for a bumper prize!

So you should definitely go read.
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