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living breathing talking love

good news and bad news

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good news and bad news

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The good news is, the ENT doesn't think there's any need to stick a scope down my nose or my throat. He says that if there was a tumor or anything, it wouldn't be on-and-off the way I'm describing, it'd be constant. He agrees it's anxiety.

The bad news is, he thinks exercise is the answer. This is not exactly what I wanted to hear.

1) Sure, it's going to be a lot of fun exercising when I get these unpredictable gasping fits and feel short of breath.

2) I fucking hate exercise.

I intend to start Monday. This gives me time to hook Breadbox up to the laptop and see if I can sort out my fucking iTunes library, at least enough to make a goddamned playlist for a half-hour jog -- going to start up with that C25K app again. And try to stretch adequately so I don't bugger my knees the way I did last time. Although I swear half the trouble was that I kept turning my ankles on uneven pavement. And, no, there isn't an especially accessible running track close by... I don't think there's one at the park, and their baseball field gave me my worst turned ankles generally, plus, you know, SNOW, and using the one at the high school would mean either adding a mile's walk each way to the running program, or driving a mile to run on a track, which seems perfectly idiotic to me. So, it's back to the sidewalks and hope I'm less of a fucking klutz.

And I don't think it's the shoes, because I let a trained fitter guy pick them out for me and they say "stability." Shouldn't that keep me from turning my ankles?

I should probably see about getting the Wii Fit back on line, so I can use its jogging and yoga programs, for when the weather is crap. And vacuum in the living room, so I can start on the push-ups again, not that THAT is going to be any fun with the gasping, either.

I fucking hate exercise.
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