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living breathing talking love

stupid snow. stupid orcs.

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stupid snow. stupid orcs.

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 So, first thing I had to do this morning was get out of bed and spend an hour shoveling the driveway. This is not my idea of a fun way to spend the morning.

On the bright side. while it was wet and heavy snow, it wasn't so deep that I couldn't deal with it mostly by pushing the shovel, and I did get it done before the neighbors drove OVER it in their Jeep, creating ruts that are difficult both to drive over and to shovel.

I have the ENT consult today. No scopes today. Which probably also means no solutions. At least knowing there won't be scopes today is letting my anxiety die back some.

Given that I had very little breathing trouble while shoveling the fucking snow, but the gasping started up again while I was doing the dishes, i think the way to bet is anxiety, not obstructions.

I treated myself to a cheese omelet this morning. Ah, Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar, how I love you. And toasted a couple of chunks of my homemade bread in the oven. The loaf wasn't perfect this time around -- I used the mixer bowl as a cover while it proofed, and the diameter was too small and the loaf stuck and deflated around the edges when I pulled it off, and oven spring didn't fix it, but despite its wide flatness, it was still tasty.

I printed out the forms they want me to fill out (registration, health history, HIPAA). I'll do that after I shower. Oh look, there's another gasp.

Supercuts has waxing strips back in stock, so I can go get my fucking goatee dealt with. I suppose I should be grateful that hirsutism is my worst (nearly only, at this point) PCOS symptom. But I really really hate it.

Finished The Age of Wonder. Have started Libriomancer. It's cute, and I think it'll be a quick read.

Have to shrink-wrap more windows. DEFINITELY need to finish the Advent-calendar story. Ought to keep knitting the hot-water-bottle cozy. Might make sense to complete a Certain Other Project, but as it's meant as a holiday present, I have time, and it's now officially hot water bottle season, so the cozy is more directly useful.

Should check downstairs to see if that skein of natural-cream wool is still in one of my fabric stash boxes.

Overall: productive, but meh.

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