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Hurricane relief auction post

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Hurricane relief auction post

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 Copying this from my julian_griffith account for greater visibility. I don't usually do this, but it's in a good cause.

So I found out from </a></b></a>laylah  that Piper Vaughn and MJ O'Shea of Babes in Boyland were hosting an original-fiction auction for Red Cross donations in Sandy's wake (the planning and setup post is here). I've volunteered to join the crew of authors who are participating -- I'm going to be offering 5k+ of romance in the setting of my (as yet unpublished novel) Love Continuance and Increasing, tailored to the winner's specifications. Any of the characters and pairings -- any of my three protagonists in pairs or all together, of course, but if you want to see some Marcus/Alexander, or Caroline and Julia's schoolgirl past, or some of Phoebe Craddock's colorful history, or things involving the more minor characters, now's your chance!
Not to mention, there are plenty of other writers to choose from. I've followed </a></b></a>laylah since before she was published, and I keep a few of her fanfics on my hard drive to protect them from link rot, since they're among the hottest things I've ever read.

I'll let you know when the auction posts go live!
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