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October, all over

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October, all over

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 No hurricane damage here at my place. Power stayed on, internet barely flickered. I am attributing this to <lj user="eternaleponine">'s timely reminder to make preparations -- you can bet if we'd been unprepared, we'd have lost power for days. Also, I'm pretty pleased with the governor this time around -- it looks like he <em>learned</em> from last year, and so he got the state of emergency declared beforehand, including approval for a federal state of emergency, which means <em>funding</em>. Because one of the reasons we were out so long last year after the snowstorm was that crews hadn't been paid yet for Irene, so it took them a while to get running. He also closed the highways by midday, so there weren't people out getting themselves into trouble, for the most part. And while there was a hell of a lot of flooding along the shoreline, they <em>shut down</em> the affected power stations before it got critical, so nothing exploded.

I'm very concerned about New York, and also for a friend who lives on an <em>island</em> in the Baltimore area. And heartsick over the <em>HMS Bounty</em>. Sad that she sank, but she's a replica, they can build another one -- but Claudene Christian is irreplaceable, and the chances don't look good for her captain.

Meanwhile, my laundry is all clean and I have clean sheets on my bed, and there's a nice loaf of apple cheddar walnut bread that I baked yesterday. I should probably pretend there's a hurricane coming at least once a week, so I'm motivated to do chores before I lose the hot water, right?

And I got a lot of knitting done.

Hope you're all OK. Check in in the comments, it'll make me feel better.
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