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living breathing talking love

Kitchen gadgets

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Kitchen gadgets

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 snagged from [personal profile] cluegirl 

Bold the ones you have and use at least once a year, italicize the ones you have and don't use, strike through the ones you have had but got ridof:
I wonder how many pasta machines, breadmakers, juicers, blenders, deep fat fryers, egg boilers, melon ballers, sandwich makers, pastrybrushes, cheese knives, electric woks, miniature salad spinners, griddle pans, jam funnels, meat thermometers, filleting knives, eggpoachers, cake stands, garlic crushers, martini glasses, tea strainers, bamboo steamers, pizza stones, coffee grinders, milk frothers, piping bags, banana stands, fluted pastry wheels, tagine dishes, conical strainers, rice cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, slowcookers, spaetzle makers, cookie presses, gravy strainers, double boilers (bains marie), sukiyaki stoves, ice cream makers, and fonduesets languish dustily at the back of the nation's cupboards.
Annotations: pasta machine, took friend's cast-off, never used, Freecycled. Had a mechanical juicer, it broke. Which is a pity because I ONLY like fresh orange juice, even the snitziest not-from-concentrate tastes bad to me. I drink V8 in the mornings anyway. The melon baller is part of my culinary school garnishing kit. I need new pastry brushes! I'm going to get silicone so they don't shed bristles. Cheese knife came from some housemate's stash of gadgets, they left it behind, probably because it didn't work any better than a regular knife, and we don't do the cheese-board entertaining so we don't need the front serving times, so I Freecycled that too. Meat thermometer - we went vegetarian! I've still got an instant-read around. Don't use it much since I can caramelize sugar by sight now. Fluted pastry wheel -- again, student kit, and I just haven't made a lattice crust pie at home in roughly forever, in no small part because [personal profile] eternaleponine 's favorite pie is pumpkin and I like lemon icebox pie. If I'm baking a fruit thing, I make a crisp. Rice cooker -- too big for counter space, and I know how to make rice in a pot. The ice cream maker... I really should ditch it, but it was a wedding present from someone I like, and I do KNOW how to make ice cream. But the local supermarket stocks tons of Ben & Jerry's, and it's usually on sale, and so why bother? If I really decide to get serious about making my own. I'd rather have the one designed to work with my KitchenAid.

Oh, and as for the double boiler, two of the saucepans in my set were designed to work together as one, as well as individual pans, and I HAVE used them that way, but I really prefer to set a stainless steel mixing bowl on a saucepan, the way one does in most professional kitchens. The rounded bottom is better for stirring than a flat one! But I certainly do that more than once a year.
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