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living breathing talking love

Life update

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Life update

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Why haven't I been around?

This time, it was the car.

Last time I went up to Boston, the weekend before Labor Day, as I was coming home, my clutch and transmission went kablooie. Yes, that's a technical term. Now, I have AAA Plus, so I was able to get home without laying out any money, but there was still the problem of a totally non-functional car.

The ride home was great, though. The tow truck driver had enough flamboyantly gay mannerisms that, when we were making initial small-talk chitchat, I deliberately didn't conceal some of the queer elements in MY life, and when he reacted happily, I said "I kinda thought you were family." And we had a perfectly cheerful two hours, which distracted me from Heinous Car Death.

The time since then has been involved in wrangling between the dealership where I bought the car which is no longer a GM dealership, a dealership in Middletown which IS, the GM warranty people, and the extended warranty people. Apparently the question of whether it was covered hinged on what broke first, the clutch or the transmission.

The upshot is, the warranty is covering the $2300 transmission, the $300 clutch is my responsibility, and it should probably be fixed this week.

I have an unexpected semester off, because the next courses in my sequence aren't offered until NEXT semester. Well, more time to work on submitting Love Continuance and Increasing, and more time to research and write its sequel.

Also on the agenda: make a proper updated resume, so I can maybe get at least some temp jobs during the semester.

So that's me. At least here. Stuff about the novel is at [personal profile] julian_griffith, DW/LJ.

I'm trying to keep up on LJ again, and comment.

About the only way NOT to reach me is Facebook. I still kinda hate it.

Let me know what's up with you?
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