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living breathing talking love

this time for sure

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this time for sure

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No really. This time I intend to at least TRY to return to my friendslist, and comment and read and everything.

What's taken all my attention? Two things: tumblr, and writing a novel.

My tumblr is linked in the sidebar: punkrockmuffinatrix. It's provided a lot of instant-gratification fannish joy, and I've met some really sweet and friendly people.

The novel is called "Love Continuance and Increasing," and it's FINISHED now, all 78.5K of it, and its progress is documented over at julian_griffith, which is the pen name I hope to use if it sells. Today, besides dishes and laundry, my plan is to write the synopsis and query letter, so I can get it out the door. It's a somewhat unconventional romance novel -- take Lancelot, Arthur, and Guinevere, translate them to the England of the Napoleonic Wars as a naval lieutenant of humble origins, a viscount who's an army officer, and a young woman of gentle birth, and make their story come out HAPPILY for once. I'm going to try it first at Carina and Samhain, since it seems to fit in their represented genres.

I've already started researching the sequel -- the lieutenant is on a succession of imaginary ships, so I can maneuver him wherever's convenient, but the viscount is in the 43rd Light Infantry, which ties him to actual events, which means I need to know a lot more about the Peninsular War, as a counterpoint to the Mordred plot that's going to take place on the home front.

Apart from that? I really haven't been doing much. The kiddo is in Driver's Ed, and got to visit a net-friend in Canada for part of a week, which sent me to Penn Station for retrieval at the end of it, and I got to meet eglantine_br, which was wonderful, but other than that? I really haven't been around.

If there's anything crucial I should know, please drop it in the comments!
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