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living breathing talking love

Oh yikes.

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Oh yikes.

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b/w profile
I didn't post in ALL of April? OR May?

Well, I have a pile of excuses: tax-time temp job, finals, working on a novel that's up to 43,000 words, but mostly? It's Tumblr.

What else has been going on? I restarted the 100 Pushups Challenge, and started Couch to 5K, and promptly jacked up my knee in the second week, despite having proper running shoes that I got professionally fitted rather than choosing them blindly, so I had to put that on hiatus.

I haven't succeeded very well at unfucking my habitat, but I will attend to that more.

I will try to look at your journals, but PLEASE leave me a note in the comments if there's something I should especially see.

Oh, and if you want to reach me on IM, ping me even if you see the "Away" status. I'm probably there, but I'm trying to train my parents to use email, rather than keeping me in chat for 45 minutes. My dad is especially awful about that.

Feel free to use Facebook for invites, but otherwise don't bother. I never log in. We hates it, precious.

I'll try to be better about keeping up here.

Missed you all.

*end transmission*
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