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living breathing talking love

Excitement I didn't need

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Excitement I didn't need

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[personal profile] eternaleponine went into her room and her light crackled. She went to open the basement door (to check the breaker box maybe?) and noticed SMOKE.

We called 911. Because the house did not seem to be actively on fire, we grabbed assorted electronics, Milo grabbed school stuff, and [personal profile] eternaleponine also took her Tae Kwon Do gear, and we went outside. And there was lots of black smoke coming out of the chimney.

Two cop cars, three fire trucks, and one fire SUV later, they isolated it down to the furnace on the neighbors' side of the house. They shut down both furnaces to be sure, and then they used super-heavy-duty fans to blow out any carbon monoxide.

No heat and hot water until we can get our oil company out tomorrow to reconnect it. No light in [personal profile] eternaleponine's room, either, until an electrician comes and looks at the crackly light. Luckily we still have an LED lantern from the power outages earlier this year.

So much for getting writing done tonight, I think.
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