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living breathing talking love

Adventures in Procrastinatory Baking

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Adventures in Procrastinatory Baking

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I have just about convinced myself that I really DO need to acquire some Madeira and bake a seed-cake, for the rather flimsy reason that my characters (Horatio Hornblower, Archie Kennedy, and Lady Clarke, who is Archie's Aunt Sophia -- I invented HER, at least) are partaking of that right now. Baking seed-cake is probably easier than writing.

So: do I attempt to do it straight out of Hannah Glasse, with her obsolete measurements, differently-sized eggs, and assumption of a brick hearth oven (NO, I am not going out to get a pizza stone or quarry tiles just for this, that is taking it entirely too far), and hope for the best? Do I look for a modern recipe and accept that it won't be exactly like their seed-cake? Do I try to work out a balance myself?

Oh, never mind. Lobscouse and Spotted Dog got there before I did. Holy shit. That's a big recipe. I'd better make a half batch.
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