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living breathing talking love

adventures in time wasting, but please to call it research

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adventures in time wasting, but please to call it research

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I am pretending to order Thai delivery in London in order to get the opening lines of a fanfic.

Canon provided the neighborhood and half a postcode. 

I had already used a real estate site to choose a flat for the characters based on that. It doesn't actually get mentioned, but I liked having an idea of what it looked like, beyond the kitchen that was actually depicted on the show (and this flat isn't perfect, the kitchen's smaller, but I like it anyway).

The real estate site gives a street but not a street address.

That, however, was enough to search Google Maps for "Thai delivery near." Also to verify that it was almost certainly within delivery range of the nearest one offered.

There was a link to a site that showed the menu. And had a form to put in an address.

Messing around a little more on Google got me the full postcode for that street.

The dropdown box on the menu form had actual granular street addresses.

Google Street View let me see the surroundings.

All of this just to get a couple of lines for the character to say on the phone giving his order, so that he can close with an uncharacteristic expression, which will lead into gentle mocking from his partner, which will let me say a thing about their different speech patterns that I wanted to make a point about.

Which will also lead to something fairly schmoopy.

Which is, really, entirely the point.
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