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As of about 6, 6:30 PM tonight (while I was at class, acing a midterm), our power came back on. And, with it, the heat! And the internet!

As soon as I got home from class, I took a long, hot shower. I needed it. Despite shadowflyer's generosity with his shower, I had been sleeping in enough layers to get kind of icky.

eternaleponine and I settled in to watch Jamie Bamber guest star on House (and, btw, did Chase deliberately decide to not be pretty now? I miss the pretty) and, of course, ten minutes or so into it, the cable cut out. Comcast had a recorded message up saying "experiencing outages, sorry, working on getting it back." GRRR.

Well, I'd printed out my WIP at the school library earlier, and I'd scribbled more words after I finished the midterm (what took everyone else an hour took me 15 minutes) and also during the lecture (mostly I learn things in that class by doing the exercises at the end of each chapter that he assigns for homework). So I sat down and opened a text file to type them out, and to carry on if I could. Luckily, while the net was UP, I'd hit "restore" on all of the tabs I'd had open ON 10/29, and one of them was the Wikipedia page on the historical figure I needed to wedge into the text, so I didn't have to leave blank spaces. So, apart from a few technical details of idiom and a couple of minor look-up-for-accuracy points on other issues, that WIP is now DONE. 

When I'd finished it, it was time to set up the hot water bottles for bed -- they are no longer a critical defense against hypothermia, but they're awfully nice anyway -- and once I'd done that, I noticed that the MODEM LIGHTS WERE ON. We had Internet again!

So I dumped the contents of my text file into the Google doc that had the WIP, and now I've made this post, and ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD.

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