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living breathing talking love

storm update #2

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storm update #2

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Still no power. Main library now open, using one of their internet terminals. They also have lots of power outlets for charging. Their wifi is massively overloaded, though. Parking at the town garage is free.

Propane burner + hot water bottles for comfort + battery camping lanterns makes eating dinner and sleeping at our house bearable. The Ex kindly let us use his shower yesterday. Kid staying there until school back in session.

Have restored my phone access - if you have my phone number and think I need yours, please text me with your name, as my phone book is lost. New SIM card in spare phone = contact list is toast. Yes, even you, Santiago.

My dad wants me to go stay with someone who has power. I am reluctant to do so in case my school resumes session before my house is back up.

Will be grabbing wifi where I can - Panera's yesterday was working.

Will check in again as events warrant.
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