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living breathing talking love

Hi, everyone. We totally did lose power, about 5pm on Saturday,…

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Hi, everyone. We totally did lose power, about 5pm on Saturday,
and no idea when it'll be back up. I'm at my ex's house, borrowing the
shower and the internet. Kid is staying with dad until school resumes.

I did manage to get a camp stove (well, a "party grill") and the last two
bottles of propane at Target before the snow hit. And a carbon monoxide
detector to let us know if we're poisoning ourselves with the thing. So
far no. And, although the heat is off, we have found that hot water
bottles (filled from the kettle) retain heat for a long time. so we tuck
ourselves under a comforter on the sofa with the hot water bottles, and
we're mostly okay. But VERY VERY BORED.

The library was closed yesterday, no power. My school is closed -- no midterm tonight, but also
no convenient library full of internet and no nice cafe full of
sandwiches. :( Going to check the library website again today, because
if they have power and heat and internet it'll be nicer to sit there
than in our cold dark house (which, okay, we have a couple of camping
lanterns and plenty of candles, but STILL). Maybe Panera has power.

There are SO MANY lines down that it may take them days or weeks to fix. The
grocery store is open - we can always get more cans of soup, etc.

This is a giant pain in the behind. Oh, electricity, we miss you.
B just checked on the library. One branch is open! Think we're heading over there now.
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