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Frivolous question

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Frivolous question

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Should I paint my nails?

I haven't for years. Good foodservice people don't, as it's against food handling rules - bits of polish might chip off and wind up in the food. EW.

But I'm getting reconciled to the idea that my food service days are behind me.

So I COULD paint my nails. But I've also thought, for a while, that painting them makes my short fingers look even stubbier.

Most of what's in the house is of the dark and gothy variety. I'm not likely to go out and buy new.

Definitely not doing a French manicure. If I want that look I'll just buff my nails.

I also don't have the skills to give myself something like cupcake_goth's blood drips, much as I admire them.

So. Should I paint my nails? Discuss.

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