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living breathing talking love

Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube

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Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube

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What fictional television show would you want to live in? What character would you play?

I'm with cathouse_mary: OH HELL TO THE NO. Criminal Minds or Law & Order UK? Dead people, lotsa dead people. Supernatural? DEMONS. Doctor Who? DALEKS. TV shows require conflict to drive the plot, and, in the ones I like, the conflict tends to involve Very Scary Things. I'll stay right here, in my so far monster-free, serial-killer-free life.

of course, if Law & Order UK didn't have a general rule of not showing the main characters' personal lives, and they HAPPENED to need a girlfriend for Jamie Bamber, as a recurring Human Interest character, not as a potential Woman In Refrigerator, then I would be glad to volunteer. But that's not how they write the show, so I'll pass, thanks.
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