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living breathing talking love

my "clean all the things" icon is broken!

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my "clean all the things" icon is broken!

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I pinch
That's kind of what happened today when I put an a/c unit in the living room window, though.

I had to get stuff away from in front of the window. Fine, that was just moving piles. Except I also had to move the plant stand. And, in so doing, I came to see that the plant really, really wasn't going to recover, and was only dying more SLOWLY. So I got rid of it, and decided that the plant stand could be my side table by the sofa. Which meant that I had to move the file cabinet to where the plant stand used to be. Which... you get the idea, right?

But, as a result, we have a lot more floor space, it's all vacuumed, and I even solved the phone and iPod charger octopus kludge that we had on the sofa!

I still have a lot of piles of paper and stuff. But they're SMALLER.
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