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Could anybody help me revise my Google search terms so I can find someone who'll sell me a set of brass buttons appropriate for a Captain Jack Harkness coat? Reproductions totally okay, but I need the full set, front and epaulettes, not just a single button.

ETA: Found them! The magic words were "reproduction WWII uk army uniform buttons."

As the teenager has adopted the black Swedish rifleman's greatcoat I called my Highwayman Coat, I claimed dibs on the blue double-breasted greatcoat I'd bought supposedly for the kid. It appears to fit me better anyway -- it's a size 36 with a removable lining. It came with pebbled silvertone buttons. CHEAP ones -- I managed to break one off, not by the thread but by the button shank itself, when I was putting it on last night to go out for the Pajama Cookie Emergency (which is my new band name, I'm just saying). I think, with the proper buttons, it will do VERY WELL for Capt. Jack, even if I look fuck-all like John Barrowman.
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