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Blargh level falling

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Blargh level falling

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This was a more successful day than most.

I got a call first thing saying that Toaster was ready. YAY COMPUTER!

Then I went to the library and printed out the forms I needed for Social Security, and for transcript requests, and started in on the FAFSA. Then on to the Social Security office, where I did lost-card for me and name-change for the kiddo, and the nice lady at the counter said I'd get the cards in the mail in 5-7 days. With luck there'll be spots still open at Big Bank by then.

Then, since I was already parked downtown, I went to City Hall for Vital Records to do the name change for the kiddo's birth certificate. Took getting a form letter notarized by the town clerk, even though I had a certified copy of the probate court record saying "changed the name," but, whatever. It's done.

Then, back to MY town's town hall for the residence office, because the school (where I'd dropped off a copy of the name change first thing when it was done) said I needed to file it there. And I did, and that was done.

Then on to Whole Foods, where I returned some returnable bottles that had been cluttering up the kitchen, and bought groceries. And lunch. And from there, back home!

Where I just had time to put away the groceries and eat my lunch and take out the garbage bins and JUST get ready to do the dishes when I got another call -- my CAR was ready! You have no idea how much I'd missed Gossamer -- the rental was a Honda Civic, and SILVER, and thus nearly impossible to find in a parking lot, and it was WAY TOO BIG compared to my bitty Aveo, and it had AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION, and I am just SO GLAD to have my own little red car back.

And then I got home, and I did the dishes, and was just hooking up Toaster when the kiddo got home, so it was time to hit the thrift store because I had a coupon that was going to expire, and the kiddo found a cardigan, a sweater vest, two shirts and some shoes and stuff, and I found a lace blouse and some shoes and a graduation robe for Potter costuming (yes, I am a big nerd, I still find this useful) and, the REAL score, TWO SUITS for eternaleponine to try, in the right size range. The first one had clearly been tailored for someone short and fat, but the very dark navy pinstripe one, size 43 jacket with indeterminate trousers? IT WORKS. It'll need some tailoring -- the trouser hems need letting down, and the sleeves need taking up, and it will work much better as a 3-button than a 2-button jacket but it looks like that's eminently possible, and when you get the suit for $13, paying for tailoring is PERFECTLY REASONABLE. This is so very much an Ianto suit. It'll be awesome.

So I am very excited about all of that. And feeling much recharged from the excellent weekend, which I will remember to blog about soon.

Tomorrow, I think, will be mostly about the FAFSA and the transcript requests and seeing if I can get the printer to work again.

But this was a good day.
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