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living breathing talking love

earworm time

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earworm time

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I should always play music when doing household chores. When I don't, bad things can happen. For example, this morning, when I was putting away laundry, my brain started singing:

"The pajama drawer / is the drawer we're in / And we're proud to be / in the pajama drawer, we love it..."

You're welcome.

Also: when using my very shiny electronic calendar, should I enter this weekend's social events, or do you think I can keep those straight in my brain without reminders? What about an alarm for my bedtime medication, the one where, if I take it too late, I oversleep?

I overslept today, making the kid an hour late for school (because the kid's meds are worse even than mine for sleeping through alarms, and so kid does not get up without a parental tap on the door). The attendance teacher said "detention for Mom" when I explained that. Aside: I now understand why the kid describes that teacher as "Grandma's evil twin."

Discovered that some of the songs on Rancid's "And Out Come The Wolves" did not rip perfectly. And that I had sold the CD in the meantime. Um. Anyone got a spare mp3 of "Old Friend" they can send me, in light of how I DID pay for it once already? I suppose if nobody's got it I could pony up for iTunes.

It looks like I may need to re-install the printer drivers after upgrading to Snow Leopard. I am not over-thrilled about this. Anyway, it seems like the most logical first thing to try when getting error messages and the printer not printing after the upgrade.

Can anyone point me to reasonably clear instructions for syncing my iPod calendar with my desktop? I have Gaufrette set to MANUALLY SYNC ONLY because I have a horror of it losing music files when trying to auto-sync, but auto-syncing the calendar would be very nice. Also I think it's using iCal and can that talk to Google Calendar? I swear I used to be better at this sort of thing.

Also, it is never a good idea to get me and eternaleponine and tryslora and @andyoubegin into a game of Power Ballad Wars late at night. There was running from the room and screaming. How did we ever torment each other before YouTube? Please weigh in, if you like, on the question of whether anything written by Jim Steinman is automatically disqualified.

Looking forward to this weekend, when I have plans with trowa_barton and pocketpolina and theloriest, all cheerfully arranged last-minute to accommodate the kid making plans in Salem to facilitate shadowflyer's game weekend plans.

And, JUST got a call from The Big Bank about that temp position! OH HELL YES. They got MY voicemail, I left THEM a voicemail, but YES PLEASE. Looks like they called when I was in the shower.

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