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living breathing talking love

How I know I have a visual memory, latest example

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How I know I have a visual memory, latest example

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spencer reid is love
I'm telling my dad about the excellent app ListKeeper (my friend natbsat wrote it! it just came out with v.2.0! you should all buy it because if it works for the crazy way I make and re-arrange my to-do lists, it will work for yours! and groceries and packing lists and recipes too.) for my iPod Touch, and he says he's just looking for a small pad of PAPER he can tuck into the dashboard cubby of his car (a Ford Fusion hybrid).

I saytype, because we're doing this on IM, let's be real, "Paper is good too! Sticky notes are good for that because you can stick REALLY important stuff to the dashboard."

He says, "I mostly need it to record fill-up information so I can put it into my TCO spreadsheet at home."

I say, "didn't you used to tuck an envelope in the visor for that?"

He says, "not me."

I say, "I remember it and YOUR HANDWRITING. In the Ford wagon."

He says, "No wonder I don't remember. That's too long ago."

Okay, fine, the Ford wagon was a '72 or '74, and I am pretty certain it was gone by 1986, because while I may have driven it a few times on my learner's permit, I mostly learned to drive in the blue GM wagon, which was a 1980 model, I think. We will leave out any discussion of how long ago 1986 was, thanks, since my brain keeps insisting it was maybe ten or twelve years ago at the most, despite the presence of a 15-year-old child who is most definitely mine.

But the fact that I can see not only an envelope, but MY DAD'S HANDWRITING? If I really focused, I could maybe tell you some of the numbers, but I wouldn't find them reliable (does 142.7 sound reasonable? for a full-size wagon of that vintage, being driven mostly in town traffic on very short hops? I may just be fabricating the numbers, here, as I can construct what they'd look like in my dad's handwriting. But that thing got craptastic mileage).

So visual it's not even funny.

Other news? Because I realize I haven't been updating. I had a lovely birthday weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone. I helped gehayi do her taxes, including very bravely dealing with All The Envelopes (that stuff is a lot less scary when it's all put in folders in a tidy little file box!) and listened to the absolutely charming dream she had about me and Sam Winchester (yes, I have gotten her hooked on Supernatural). Then my stomach starting acting weird. It only took a week before I connected the symptoms to realize it might be gallbladder (to be fair, I did figure it out as soon as the pain under my shoulder blades showed up) and betook myself to the doctor. Which was Tuesday. And I'm scheduled for an ultrasound at 8:45AM Thursday. Meanwhile I have been living on graham crackers, no-chicken broth, miso broth, white rice, and tea. Buttered TOAST hurts. Butter, you have always been my friend -- why you gotta do me like this? My symptoms are fairly unromantic and GROSS. My doctor also gave me Nexium, which seems to help. I haven't heard back from The Big Bank yet, despite my second fingerprinting. I have a RAM upgrade and Snow Leopard for Toaster -- the RAM arrived today, but I haven't made a Genius Bar appointment for them to install it, because I would like to find out first if I'll be facing surgery, you know?

So that's me. I've been reading on Livejournal (hi, app!) and Twitter (yay TweetDeck) and also playing a lot of Plants vs. Zombies.

How's by you?
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