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REALLY, Public School System?

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REALLY, Public School System?

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They just sent me an e-mail labeled "Outreach Communication" which contained ONLY a link to an audio file of a pre-recorded message from the superintendent. With a note saying To listen to the above message, you will need audio software and speakers on your computer.

Worse, the link is contained in an image file, so there wasn't even a link to CLICK until I made the thing display images, which is not my default.

HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO PUT THE MESSAGE "All after school activities today are postponed, and 8th grade Parents' Nights at both high schools are rescheduled to $DATE" in PLAIN TEXT? Why the extra fucking steps?

And what about parents who are deaf or hearing-impaired, or who work at places where they don't have sound capability on their computers?

I mean, I just fucking hate listening to audio messages anyway, because I process things much better in text and it's faster. But what about people for whom that's a genuine block to getting the information at ALL?

FAIL, automated thingy.

And, yes, I left a short nastygram through the school system website.

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