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living breathing talking love

Blizzard warnings in effect. French Toast Emergency System activated.

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Blizzard warnings in effect. French Toast Emergency System activated.

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Okay, THAT gust of wind just made Little House on the Prairie, Long-Winter type sounds outside my house. Eek!

I am very glad that the landlady got the Internet-Eating Tree removed before any of this nonsense started.

Also, I was out enough this morning to notice that the town had pre-salted the roads. I hope that this will make the plows' job easier when they eventually make their rounds.

We have more than adequate stocks of bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper. I am in no fear of running out of provisions.

OTOH, if our power goes, we'll be at the cold cereal and cheese sandwiches level of sustenance, because we've got an electric stove. I ought to price butane burners, I really should.

eternaleponine has already decided that there's no way she's going in to work tomorrow; even if they don't close the call center, she's got eight hours of PTO left for the year, and even though she's got a mighty Subaru wagon, she has no desire to get up at 5AM to shovel. I don't blame her.

I have likewise decided that there's no way I'm driving to New Jersey tomorrow to visit my parents. Current plan is to drive to New Haven Tuesday morning, take the train into the city, and, after the show, take a different train out to Somerville or Branchburg and have my parents pick us up. Visit on Wednesday, and repeat two-train process in reverse to get home. The train fares ought to be comparable to the money we'd spend on gas and parking, and much easier on the nerves.

Other than that, we really have no reason to leave the house during the Snowpocalypse except to shovel the driveway, and that's just how I like it.
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