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living breathing talking love

toe-pick! oops.

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toe-pick! oops.

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Took advantage of the Groupon I'd bought for the Kendall Community Ice-Skating Rink to go skating with trowa_barton on Saturday afternoon, despite the fact that I hadn't been skating in something like fifteen years, when the Hartford Civic Center opened THEIR ice for community skating one winter. Wore my skating dress just as if I knew what I was doing, anyway. The rental skates were weird -- VERY stiff boots that looked like sneaker-style hiking boots. I should have brought my own, which are old-fashioned-looking white vinyl, not as stiff as the leather boots they're copying. I've had them since 1982 or so -- basically since my feet quit growing. Trowa was just pleased that they HAD rental skates in a 14 for him.

We got to hear Random Chance sing, which was nice. I was kind of clumsy at first, but got back as much coordination as I'd ever managed, which was never much -- I quit figure skating lessons at age 4, because I was very disappointed that we were expected to push chairs around on the ice and weren't immediately going to look like Peggy Fleming. They might have kept me in the lessons if they'd issued me a pink sparkly dress the first day -- that might have reconciled me better to a chair than a parka and snow pants did. So all I ever did for skating was to noodle around on the ice when they flooded Kinneen's Park every winter.

I only fell twice. However, on the second fall, I twisted my knee a little bit going down. If I were actually training for anything, I'd have taken some ibuprofen, slapped a brace on it, rested five minutes, and gone back on the ice. Since I was not, in fact, training for anything, I decided I'd had enough peril for the day, and should probably quit before I took a little kid with me next time I wiped out.

I took ibuprofen, but didn't ice it or elevate it or anything.

I'm still kinda sore. I can walk on it and everything -- it's just letting me know that it did get twisted.

Should I go out and buy a brace?
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