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living breathing talking love

five things make a post

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five things make a post

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1. Breakfast burritos are tasty and a very good way to use up the way too much burrito rice I made last time I made it. They are also the only preparation where I can stand salsa and eggs together, because I don't have to SEE the salsa on the eggs. At least it's not ketchup. *shudder*

2. I have been so conscientious about bringing my own bags to the grocery store and using the Chico Bag that I keep clipped to my keychain that I was in serious danger of running out of plastic bags in which to dispose of the kitty litter. Fortunately, I was able to relieve gehayi of some of the excess in her pantry closet, and ought to be set for a good while now.

3. I didn't realize that we hadn't even turned the heat up past the bottom of the thermostat yet this year. It was about 57F in the living room this afternoon. We pushed it up to 54 just to prevent it dropping BELOW that now. I guess the cashmere sweaters I got at Goodwill, and my Slunk (a black-and-white-striped over-the-knee sock, having lost its mate, filled with 3lbs of rice and repurposed as a microwavable warming gadget), and the many hot cups of tea, are doing pretty well at keeping me comfortable.

4. Dammit, the kid's rehearsal was supposed to be over at 6:30, and I haven't gotten a text yet. This is delaying our LATKES, since I can't really start the grating process until she's back.

5. It would be really nice if ONE grocery store would stock ALL the things we use. The Stop&Shop on New Park doesn't stock Morningstar Farms chik'n nuggets or the right brand of yogurt. Or Marmite. The new one on Newington Road has nuggets, but no Quorn tenders, and still with the no Wallaby yogurt in the right flavors or Marmite. ShopRite has nuggets, and also a meatless variety of ramen, but is deficient in other crucial things. Whole Foods has Quorn tenders, Marmite, and the right kind of yogurt, but no nuggets, AND no mini tater tots to go WITH the nuggets, either. It's all very awkward.

There's the text. off to pick up the kid.
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