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living breathing talking love

if you're napping, you get burritos

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if you're napping, you get burritos

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Tonight's dinner:

1 blob pizza dough, stretched and covered with
Two large spoonfuls of onion marmalade and
A whole bunch of feta cheese crumbles

baked for 20 minutes at 450F.

eternaleponine was doubtful, even though it's pretty much the same construct as the Trader Joe's onion and feta hors d'oeuvres puffs she adores, only pizza instead of phyllo. Nevertheless, while she suggested some tweaks (the feta crumbles are saltier and less creamy than the cheese mixture in the puffs, so maybe I should mix them with fresh goat cheese) she ate a second piece.

So did I. The kid did not answer when called for dinner, and is probably napping.

Therefore, if hungry upon waking, the kid can eat a burrito, since I made a pot of burrito rice as backup just in case the onion-feta flatbread pizza didn't go over well.

Because we are eating it ALL.
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