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living breathing talking love

the weekend continues

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the weekend continues

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I alternate between lazy and fidgety right now, it seems. During one of the fidgety spells, I sorted all of my tights and stockings into a milk crate I could keep under my bed, along with the crate of bandannas and scarves, the crate of purses, and the crate of goth hair. I kind of had to do this because keeping them in my sock drawer with the socks was preventing the drawer from closing.

I decided that the really smart thing to do was to stick them into ziplock sandwich bags, with labels, so I'd be able to tell "diamond pattern fishnet tights" from "floral lace stockings, garters required" from "sheer vertical ribbed black tights" without having to stick my hands down the stocking legs to see the pattern. In the process, I realized that I have one pair of stockings I bought in 1987. They're fishnet thigh-highs. They have a small tear, and the elastic is shot so I really need to wear garters with them now, but I CAN'T get rid of them -- I bought them in Paris, when it wasn't possible for a suburban New England teenager to find fishnet STOCKINGS for love or money, no matter how much of a Rocky Horror fan she was.

I don't know how many pairs I have, except that it's fewer than 50, because I was using a new box of sandwich bags and there are still some left in the box. The milk crate is full.

Today, sorting through the pile of mail on my little table (another fidgety spell), discovered a $5 off $20 coupon for the thrift store in a Val-Pak mailing, so offered to take the teenager thrifting before a party this afternoon. My thrift-fu is still operational; kid didn't find much hunting solo ("all these jackets are hugemongous!") but as soon as I stepped in to help, we scored two pinstriped suit jackets, a pale blue dress shirt and a burgundy one, three ties, and an olive-green Old Navy lambswool sweater. I found a nice heavy ribbed grey turtleneck pullover, and a pair of BALLY ALLIGATOR LOW HEEL PUMPS for $1.99 that'll go perfectly with the retro beige-and-brown sheath dress my mom got me over Labor Day weekend. Between the "half off pink tickets today" and the coupon, that entire haul set us back $30. My only disappointment was that this particular thrift store was woefully short on cashmere -- ONE sweater and it was an unappealing mint green. Nope. Oh, and they've gotten rid of the dressing room, so any future trips where I might want to try on skirts or pants? I'll have to prepare like a Filene's Basement bride with a wrap skirt and a unitard. Don't know what the kid will do. Maybe leggings.

Also, the Stop & Shop gas station has opened up, even though the store isn't open until Thursday. Because I hadn't had a Stop & Shop gas station nearby, I had LOADS of rewards points built up. I got my gas for $2.50/gallon today. SCORE.

Tomorrow I really ought to get to the KITCHEN FLOOR.
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