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I'll be your detonator

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I'll be your detonator

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Thanksgiving was a modified success. I got the prep done very smoothly in the morning -- leeks and onions for the soup minced and put in a ziplock bag, potatoes diced ditto, vegetables cut up and tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary and the roasting pan put in the fridge, onions and celery minced and sauteed and mixed with the stuffing cubes and broth and put in a casserole dish in the fridge, gravy made and stored for reheating. It took pretty much exactly the length of Danger Days plus the bonus EP, and the Broadway soundtrack of American Idiot. I cleaned as I went, and had time for a nice plate of pate, bread, cheese, and crackers, and a glass of wine, before we went to the 2:30 showing of Harry Potter.

Movie was pretty much what I expected. Still too much faffing about in the woods. Not enough Snape. Wonder if Jamie Campbell Bower's going to have any LINES as Grindewald in the next half. The actor playing Scabious the head Snatcher was pretty much exactly my sort of dandy highwayman and I would like one of those for Christmas, please.

Got home, put the oven on to pre-heat, started the soup, stuck in the vegetables, TRIED to time it so the vegetables and stuffing were ready at the same time, but, well, not so much. The vegetables took longer than I expected. But we had the soup to start with, and once the vegetables were roasted, they were very nice. Except, of course, that the kid didn't like them much. eternaleponine may have more food issues than the kid, but she likes suitably roasted brussels sprouts and cauliflower (asks for more, even) and the kid finds them too bitter and gross. There are obviously some weird genetic switches in effect, because the kid cheerfully drinks coffee and it sends eternaleponine into a full-body shudder even when laced with mocha fudge sauce, but the kid can't abide brassicas and eternaleponine couldn't taste their isolated bitter component on a paper strip at the Museum of Science. Oddly enough, I COULD taste it, but I just happen to like it. There were also carrots and potatoes in the vegetables, but the kid found it unsatisfying.

The stuffing was also not really a success. Texture was fine. Flavor -- I thought it was okay if uninspired, but both of them complained about a slightly bitter note, which I suspect was marjoram as part of the seasoning blend Pepperidge Farm used in their cubes. Clearly, next time I make stuffing, I'll have to use PLAIN bread cubes and do the seasoning entirely myself.

My vegetarian gravy was delicious, but I'm the only one who likes gravy anyway.

The pie was the worst disappointment. The pumpkin pie was fine. The rum chiffon pie? Separated. Clearly, the 1:1 substitution of agar for gelatin was inadequate. I ate some ANYWAY, scooping out some crust, some chocolate custard, and the part of the chiffon that HAD set, but I wound up throwing most of it away. I'm going to buy another bag of gingersnaps and TRY AGAIN this weekend, dammit. I WILL make that pie work!

Still. I have a kid who made honor roll even while involved in TWO drama productions (one school, one community), a best friend who, for all her quirks, is someone I couldn't imagine living without, and a loving and supportive family who didn't even get upset that I didn't travel to be with them this year. And all of you, friendslist. So I have a lot to be thankful for.
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