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living breathing talking love

got a bulletproof heart, you've got a hollowpoint smile

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got a bulletproof heart, you've got a hollowpoint smile

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
I was so efficient today I almost scared myself.

Got up, got dressed, fed the cat, made coffee in a travel mug, righted the recycling wheelie bin that the wind had blown over, took the pie dough I'd made last weekend out of the freezer, took my grocery list and the reusable bags with me, drove eternaleponine to work. Drove back, went to the grocery store for those last-few-things, went to Sally Beauty to get a fresh box of vinyl gloves for the house, drove to the library but it wasn't quite open yet, so I walked to CVS and got Hanukkah candles because ShopRite didn't have any, and then the library STILL wasn't quite open yet so I took advantage of those few minutes to clean my car's inside windshield and side windows, and THEN the library was open so I went in and returned Testament of Youth and picked up discs 3 and 4 of season 1 of Mad Men and volumes 1 and 2 of Hellboy.

Came home, unloaded the groceries, started the LAST load of laundry, fielded two phone calls from medical stuff, did the dishes, read some internet, put AWAY the laundry, and made myself lunch.

Plugged the iPod into the powered speakers and the wall charger in the kitchen, and cued up Danger Days. Started on Hanne Blank's onion marmalade. Even saved the trimmings and peels to make stock, at some point.

When the onion marmalade was underway, started the pumpkin pie. The straight unaltered recipe off the can, because eternaleponine won't have it any other way. When THAT was in the oven, started the one that actually took effort -- the Rum Chiffon Pie. Gingersnap crust, a layer of chocolate custard, and a layer of rum-flavored custard with egg whites folded in -- that's the chiffon. The chiffon layer is supposed to be stiffened with gelatin. Not in this house, not any more. I tried to make it with agar flakes one year and it was an abject failure. THIS year, I used agar POWDER. I won't be certain until I serve it, of course, but it seems to be setting up well in the fridge, and so I may be able to reinstate a holiday tradition that means a lot to me. That pie was my paternal grandmother's signature Thanksgiving dish. I was pretty much the only one who learned to make it, and I inherited the silver serving dish for the pie plate and the serving utensil for it (I think the serving utensil was designed for gelatin molds, but she never used it for anything but that pie). I even inherited the particular cardboard box that once held an Olivetti portable typewriter that was the perfect size for transporting the pie in its special dish. The cardboard box eventually went the way of all cardboard, and the silver things are in storage, but I am very invested in that pie.

By the time the pies were safely in the refrigerator and the onion marmalade was thick enough to shut off the heat, I had listened to Danger Days twice through, AND the bonus EP, and also the Cramps and Husker Du and a band called the Reducers that I'd seen a bit of their set back in April with cluegirl and aquila_dominus and bought their CD and just got around to ripping it now, and I think a little bit of shuffle. Anyway I put in about four hours on the project. And I cleaned as I went so the kitchen wasn't even a disaster! And the marmalade was cooked down just about exactly when I had to leave to pick up eternaleponine from work.

Got home, decided the marmalade needed a little more cooking down, made some frozen ravioli for dinner, and OPENED SOME WINE.

Tomorrow's plan: spend the morning doing prep, go to the 2:30 showing of Harry Potter, come back, put the roasted veg and the stuffing in the oven, get the potato soup going, and have Thanksgiving dinner at dinnertime, not midafternoon.

And then there will be PIE.
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