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living breathing talking love

use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without

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use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without

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Really awesome customer service: last week, I dropped the lid of my 20-year-old Le Creuset dutch oven, and half the knob broke off on the tile floor. I dropped a note to Le Creuset's customer service, asking if replacement knobs were available and how much they cost, and they mailed me one out for free. It got here today.

NOT so awesome customer service: the Apple Store won't tell you over the phone if they have a replacement battery in stock for an iPod. You have to make a Genius Bar appointment and come in. And the Genius Bar appointments, not unlike doctor's appointments, tend to run later than scheduled. Today was only 15 minutes behind. It's been worse. Once I was THERE, they were able to tell me that they didn't have any replacement batteries in stock, they couldn't GET any for my 30GB video iPod because they'd stopped MAKING them on November 10, and that I could do a full unit swap for $120 (when the battery would have been $60) but I'd lose all the files and have to restore them. Since not all the files on this iPod are on my computer -- some came from eternaleponine's collection, some came from trowa_barton's -- this would be a royal pain in the ass, and not worth it. PopTart can stay plugged in to operate until I can afford to upgrade to something with more memory and more features. And I'm going to look into third-party back-up-your-iPod software, dammit.

Unrelated victory of the day: DEATH TO FLEAS! Working in two half-hour chunks, because that's the shortest setting on my sleep timer on my new alarm clock radio that has a line in for the iPod, I got my bedroom picked up to the point where I could vacuum it, shut the cat into the bathroom with his food and water, and SPRAY THE CARPET AND THE MATTRESS FOR FLEAS. I really wanted to do it today because this is probably the last day it'll be reasonable to have the windows open to vent the TOXIC FUMES. The mattress pad is in the wash now with hot water and bleach, along with a load of whatever other white sheets and towels needed washing. When it's dry, I can make up the bed with fresh sheets and all the blankets and enjoy an itch-free existence. Hopefully the Frontline on the cat is working and I won't have a reinfestation. He's due for another dose in a week anyway.

Extra bonus joy: having my room that far picked up means I can more easily get to the windows tomorrow to shrink wrap them for the winter.

Aw, crap, the washing machine sounds like it might be coming unbalanced. Bye!
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