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fame is injectable

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fame is injectable

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Or, Five Things Make A Post.

1. If I do not make a linear to-do list, the inside of my head feels like an animated tag cloud. It's really hard to focus on an animated tag cloud. Did you know that? So far, my organizational scheme of Phone Calls, Car Errands, Household Chores, Internet Tasks, and Personal Trivia seems to be holding up.

2. MCR's new album is full of rocking goodness. I can only think the reason that the local "alternative" station isn't playing the hell out of it is that it's so much better than every other damn thing they're playing right now that everyone would REALIZE just how much the current crop of "alternative" hits SUCKS. You want this album. You should listen to this album. Really.

3. The Thanksgiving menu is planned! We're having potato-leek soup, roasted winter vegetables, stuffing, vegetarian gravy, cranberry-sauce-inna-can, and two kinds of pie (pumpkin and rum chiffon). Because it is not Thanksgiving without two kinds of pie.

4. I keep breaking dishes. Today two of the little plates slid off the stack and went smash on the kitchen tile. I think, given the large cracks in some of the dinner plates and the fact that all the bowls from the set are chipped, I ought to hunt down a new cheapo set of dishes. I hope I can find another set that's white with blue rims.

5. With eternaleponine's car out of commission, I am really beginning to understand the Mom's Taxi Service complaint. Between driving her to and from work, her tai chi class from 7-8, and the kid's community theater rehearsal that runs 6-8:30, I am spending a lot of time in the car. This is delaying both Pantsless O'Clock and Booze O'Clock. When everyone is home, ALL PANTS ARE OFF.

That's five things. So that's a post.
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