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living breathing talking love

these eyes are blind, this is a pure thing

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these eyes are blind, this is a pure thing

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Hot Hat
A couple of days ago, I was typing up the full story, with four-part harmony and circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back, explaining just how I came up with the drink I'm calling Faded Flowers.

Then my login cookie timed out partway through and it wouldn't post. And only half the draft got saved.

Therefore, I will merely provide you the recipe:

Faded Flowers

2 parts creme de violette
1 part St. Germain
1 part rose petal vodka
Dash rosewater
1 part cream

and note that it would not have come into existence without matociquala's extensive and diverse collection of booze, and would not have gotten named without the Shriekback song of the same title coming on the party shuffle as I was mixing it.
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