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living breathing talking love

Revisions on the fly

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Revisions on the fly

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
As of last night, I didn't have a work assignment for today. So I had a ginormous to-do list. I didn't really expect to accomplish it all, and I know that some people strongly advocate not putting anything on your list that you don't expect to get done that day, because it promotes a feeling of frustration. Some days, I agree with them, and I make small, focused to-do lists so at least I can feel like I accomplished SOMETHING. However, when I'm feeling energetic, I've learned that it's better to put ALL THE THINGS on the list, because the risk of discouragement is much lower than the risk of forgetting something that might be important.

So, here's what it looked like:

Remember, remember :)

Phone Calls

Call IRS
Call UConn Health Center
Call SHE Medical
Look up participating eye doctor, dentist, call them

External Errands

Go to library
Buy disposable foil pans, sandwich ziplocks

Daily Household Stuff
Laundry (1 dryel load, 1 delicate wet wash)
Cat box

Household Projects
Flea treat bedroom and living room
Kitchen floor
Bathroom floor
Stove top
Oven drawer
15 minutes on desk

Facebook, respond to an impending invite
LinkedIn, update ALL THE THINGS
Visit krazoom.com
Post to Archive Of Our Own
Post to Freecycle
Pay electric bill, car insurance

Tweeze eyebrows
File nails

Have I mentioned lately that I've been having trouble sleeping? I didn't manage it until 3AM last night. Then I had to get up around 6 because it was raining and SOMEONE objects to walking to school in the rain, and given that someone's mold allergies, asthma, and propensity for respiratory infections, I figured it was wiser all around to give in and drive.

So, between 6 and 8:30 I was puttering around on the Internet, in my pajamas, being social, and having breakfast. I did the online bill pay. At 8:30 I called the IRS. While I was on the phone with them(on the landline), around 9AM, the staffing agency called my cell phone. Could I go back to the place I worked at yesterday? ASAP?

Well, work is work and money is money, plus I like that location. I said "Give me 15 minutes to get off the phone with the IRS, and I have to quick throw on a uniform, and it takes half an hour to drive there -- tell them I'll be there within the hour." And I was.

So, today's Actual, Completed To-Do List looks more like this:

Drive kid to school
Eat breakfast
Pay electric bill
Pay car insurance
Call IRS
Drop off time sheet at office
Go to library
Answer Facebook invite

I should point out that Facebook doesn't play nicely with something or other in my Firefox settings. Only mine. It works fine with the kid's Firefox settings. So I used Facebook at the library.

Buy sandwich ziplocks

Did this at Whole Foods because it's near the library. They didn't have foil pans. I did pick up a couple of things in the beauty & supplements aisle. I also had a LOVELY conversation with a very sweet associate there, in which I was surprised to learn that my Problem Manager from my days as a Wild Oats employee before the buyout was still the department manager, and UNsurprised to learn that she was still a problem. The associate, in turn, was gratified to learn that said manager had been making life difficult for people since the year 2000, and it wasn't just HER.

Put kid's bike in back of car

This was something I added to my original paper to-do list (that I had taken with me in the car when I went to work, so that I could maybe accomplish some errands after) when I was at the library and in brain-dump mode. I've got to take it to the bike shop tomorrow.


Which, I will just point out, includes wiping down the bathroom, in a nifty technique I learned from mama_hogswatch. I don't use my body towel for it, though. I use the hand towel. This is because I have a metric buttload of white terry hand towels, and not nearly as many body towels and they're assorted colors. Using a fresh white hand towel every day lets me build up a load of White Things That Can Be Bleached, which is convenient when I'm also washing chef coats.

And then I put on cozy pajamas (the French terry moon-and-stars ones) and sat down and wrote this post.

Tonight's dinner is so totally "pick some of the leftovers, or make a damn snack wrap."
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