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I have been running around like a running thing all day.

The polls opened at 6AM. I got there around 6:30, said hi to bigbrotherinlaw who was volunteering, and cast my ballot, clutching my Disney travel mug of coffee the whole time. COFFEE.

Then I came home and fed the kitty, who was insisting that he was STARVING. He did manage to eat up ALL of his pumpkin/Classic glop yesterday, once I realized I had to stir it away from the sides of the custard cup. Plus some kibble for snacks. Today he got pumpkin and Flaked food. Despite my best stirring efforts (and an infusion of tuna water at lunchtime, but I get ahead of myself) he still left a lot of Flakes. I tried putting the stuff on the lid of a deli container, but that led to glop getting all over the floor, so I went back to the custard cup. More about this later.

Then I finished up All The Laundry, which got my chef coats and my fleece things and even a Dryel bag of sweaters done along with the contents of the linen closet, and everything folded. I decided I was going to ask eternaleponine to put the stuff BACK into the linen closet, just like I make her do the Tupperware cabinet, because she is good at organizing. That plus taking out the garbage and doing the dishes took me to when I had to leave the house to get to my 10AM appointment for an oil change.

I will just pause to note that although the dealership where I bought Gossamer is no longer a Chevy dealership, after the great meltdown of 2008, they still honor the extended warranty I bought from them, which includes free oil changes. Free is good, but why the hell did it take an hour and a half?

While I was there I called the temp agency to check for assignments. Nada. I also had the supermarket flyer with me and worked on my grocery list -- a lot of my pantry staples were on sale super cheap this week (pasta 77 cents a box! canned beans 2/$1!) so I wanted to make sure to take advantage of it. Mostly, though, I read the Dick Francis novel I got out of the library and texted back and forth with a few people. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF.

Then it was down the road to the grocery store, including bottle return, and by the time I finished up it was about ten minutes until when I said I'd pick gehayi up to take her to the polls (same town, different district, different polling place) so I called her and let her know "running late, hour from now?" That was fine, so I went home, unloaded the groceries, made myself a tuna sandwich, and went out again.

Gave gehayi a ride to the polls. Picked up another Goodwill bag from when we cleaned out the attic and stuck it in the car. Dropped her back home, and went to the pet store since I was over on that side of town anyway. Discovered that they had a "gift" pack of assorted Classic fish flavor Fancy Feasts on sale, 27 cans for $9.98, so that's what I got, along with another bag of his sensitive stomach kibbles.

Then I remembered that I wanted to get a flu shot today, and when I'd called yesterday CVS said they were doing them 12-6 today, and it was around 3, so I went there and I got my flu shot. While I was waiting I had a phone screening with someone I'd called yesterday, because she called back, and which ultimately led to ANOTHER referral, although I want to see if I can talk to her tomorrow and get some more details -- we had to cut it short because eventually the person with the shot showed up!

After THAT I drove out to the Goodwill on the Berlin Turnpike to drop off the bag of clothes. While I was there, I went in to check for a saucer I could use for a cat dish. I found one -- okay, they had tons of saucers for $1 each, which I expected, but I found a really nice blue willow one with what seems to me like a good balance between deep enough to keep the food in the saucer and not on the floor, and shallow enough that the cat won't need it all stirred several times a day. I also found a grey cashmere pullover in the men's section for eternaleponine, so I got it. She loves how soft MY cashmere sweaters are, but the ones they had cheaply at Old Navy last year Weren't Quite Right, but it seemed to me that a big, loose, zip-neck pullover would be a good thing to wear around the house during the heating season, and looking right for work wouldn't be an issue. I think I got it right, too, because she kept rubbing it against her face after I gave it to her.

All that was left to do was dinner. Pasta with meatless balls. (It tastes the same... if you close your eyes... And thirteen orders of fries, is that it here? WINE AND BEER!) And salad-inna-bag, and bakery bread, and I finished off the last of the red wine that I had.

And now I'm here. On the Internet. FOREVER! How are you?

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