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The tree people are here and they are CUTTING DOWN THE INTERNET-EATING TREE! Yay!

I feel like I ought to be sad that an apple tree right in my yard is going away, but the apples from it were never especially good, and it was growing right against the corner of the house WHERE THE CABLE GOES IN. And whenever it would get windy, the tree would yank on our cable, and we'd lose Internet.

Also, they are getting rid of one right next to it that I don't think was an apple tree, but had grown into some sort of tangly thicket that made it basically impossible to go around that corner of the house to access the basement door.

This might have the side effect of letting a little more daylight into my east window. I'm for it.

When they showed up, I went outside to remind them that the point of the exercise was to keep the tree from eating our cable, so please don't cut the cable while you're about it, okay? Because, seriously, when we moved in, our internet was delayed because some tree guys had done JUST THAT.

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