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living breathing talking love

this is a geek household

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this is a geek household

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My teenager and eternaleponine are sitting here in the living room, side by side, trying to figure out how to tie bow ties.

Because they are BOTH dressing up as Eleven tomorrow.

The teenager has very kindly agreed to let eternaleponine carry the sonic screwdriver, because everyone at school tries to take it apart and find where the nonexistent pen is, so it risks breaking.

Teenager is wearing an olive tweed blazer that originally belonged to my dad and that I wore all through MY high school years, and a plain white buttondown; eternaleponine went to the thrift store this afternoon and found a brown suit jacket and a tattersall shirt. The bow ties originally belonged to shadowflyer -- I should know, I bought them for him -- but the teenager wears them more than he does, these days.

They are trying to learn how to tie their bow ties from YouTube. Apparently, it's problematic.

Still. Geek city.
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