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one damn thing after another

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one damn thing after another

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hhgtg getting you down -- angevin2
This weekend, the kid had a slightly swollen and irritated eye.

Monday, went to the doctor. "Pinkeye," the doctor says, despite no pinkness in the eyeball, and prescribes sulfa drops.

By yesterday, kid has large rash surrounding eye, and rashy areas on other parts of face and neck. Quits applying drops.

Call kid in sick for school this morning (result: kid misses practice PSATs), get ANOTHER appointment. "Guess it wasn't pinkeye," the doctor says, and prescribes allergy drops, and OTC cortisone cream, and writes down "sulfa allergy" on the kid's chart.

Current theory is that the original swelling and irritation was... AN ALLERGY. Which, if they'd figured this out the FIRST time, we wouldn't have had to go through all this nonsense.

Head, meet desk.

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