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living breathing talking love

five, no, six, er, seven? things make a post

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five, no, six, er, seven? things make a post

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Bandanagirl - Vampire Red
Maybe, just maybe, participating in zombiedog's DOAT chat wasn't the smartest move when I had to get up to get the kid from her dad's house this morning and get her to school by 7AM.

On the other hand, getting up that early meant I was able to get the trash and recycling bins to the curb BEFORE the truck showed up. (It just came by.)

AND I remembered to set up my coffee last night. In a travel mug, no less. (I use a Melitta cup-top filter holder. Simple, low-tech, but there's a small catch. If I buy whole-bean coffee, I need to remember to grind it the night before, because eternaleponine's bedroom is right next to the kitchen, and the grinder WILL wake her up, and that makes her grouchy.)

I got everything on my admittedly small list done yesterday except calling the stereo shop, and I can do that this morning. This means that there are groceries in the house, the cat box is clean, and I have clean clothes for work.

I need to remember to buy advance discount food coupons for the Big E, since eternaleponine and I plan to go tomorrow evening.

My shin splints feel mostly better, but my quads still feel like they're on fire.

This morning's project: finally figuring out the USB cradle for the hard drive from Ludo the old G4. I need the extra storage space. Liek whoa. Wonder if I can get it sorted before I have to leave for work?

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