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moving very slowly today

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moving very slowly today

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Dishwashing is TIRING. And I seem to have shin splints. So I'm kind of tottering around. I still need to get out to the grocery store and the post office, clean the bathroom, and do my laundry. And figure out what's for dinner. I may feed everyone else something they like and indulge myself with sauteed greens-and-onions and a poached egg; I find myself craving it.

I have done the dishes HERE, which is something. And I did spend a lot of the morning reading I Am Ozzy, which I got out of the library yesterday on stoney321's recommendation, and was she ever right, because it's HILARIOUS. Even when it's a train wreck, which it is for most of the time. I have to assume that someone just sat down and got him talking and recorded it and then edited down the transcripts, because the style is VERY conversational. There's no way that man should be alive. And I would not have wanted to be there for any of it. But reading about it after is the funniest thing EVER, even when it's tragic. Go read it!

Bathroom. Shower. Laundry. Groceries. I can do it, right?

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