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living breathing talking love

thank you Groupon

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thank you Groupon

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When the offer for half price tickets to Plimoth Plantation came through, I discovered that neither eternaleponine OR my own kid had ever been there. (I thought there'd been a school trip. Nope, only Old Sturbridge Village.)

As my weekend plans got b0rked by being unexpectedly in charge of the kid this weekend, eternaleponine suggested we take advantage of yesterday's nice weather and go. So we did.

You know what the really awesome part about Plimoth Plantation is? I mean, when I was 12, I thought it was the costumed interpreters, but now?


You can lift the lids of chests and open cupboard doors and sit in the chairs and pick up the child's skirt that's hanging on a peg to admire the cartridge pleating and the two rows of growth tucks. There's salt in the salt boxes near the fires.

I have a terrible time keeping my hands off the display objects in OTHER living history museums -- it's very hard at, say, the Harriet Beecher Stowe house, where they have a focus on domestic management because of her book with Catherine Ward Beecher, NOT to pick up the assorted mid-Victorian kitchen implements BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO, and they're sitting right there...


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