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medical update

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medical update

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hhgtg rust -- angevin2
Took the kiddo to visit shadowflyer in the hospital this evening, and bring him his laptop. So there may well be some posts from him.

Right now they're waiting on scheduling an MRI to rule out the risk of aneurysm. Other than that, well, he's having dialysis there, they're setting him up with an outpatient dialysis schedule, and they've added him to the transplant waiting list.

Not sure when they're letting him out. He has his laptop, but not his phone charger yet -- I'm bringing that tomorrow morning -- so he doesn't necessarily have anyone's phone number until he can charge his phone.

I have his room number and the phone number for his room, if anyone should want it. Comment and I'll email it to you.

Also, I am working 12-8:30 tomorrow and Thursday, so won't be able to drive the kiddo over to visit. There IS a city bus that runs out there (he's at the UConn teaching hospital in Farmington) but if anyone local is able to do a visit shuttle, it would be very much appreciated. (If you can, leave a comment and I'll email you the kid's cell number.)

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