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living breathing talking love

Pants entirely bankrupt

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Pants entirely bankrupt

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I've been offline since approximately 3PM on Saturday afternoon. I had a great time seeing some of you at the End of Summer Party (thanks as always to the marvelous hosts, sunspiral and lj user=<"roozle">), the traditional excellent brunch at Sound Bites with trowa_barton, sadly did not get to go to Six Flags with theloriest because of dicey weather, abd came home to a dead modem on Sunday.

Yesterday, therefore, I was very productive. Those of you following my Twitter (it's the same name), which I can do from my phone, may have noticed me Cleaning All The Things, even to ironing, and may have noticed the other excellent news, which is that the kitchen staffing agency has an assignment for me, starting tomorrow! This will be a marvelous relief, and if they can keep me working, so much the better.

They were supposed to come replace the modem yesterday. Because Comcast didn't specify that they needed the phone number of the person who was going to be at home waiting, they tried calling eternaleponine at work, and when she didn't answer right away, they cancelled the appointment. Fuckers. Didn't try coming to the door. Raising a fuss on the phone mere minutes after produced no result except an appointment today. Where the guy DID come to the door instead of calling, and in fact the dispatcher called to tell me he was coming AFTER he'd already turned up.

Of course, the tech looked at it and said "herp derp, your router isn't plugged in," which was because eternaleponine had unplugged it AFTER THE MODEM BROKE, as confirmed by the phone support people. Luckily, he had another appointment across the street, so I was able to hunt him up and say "hey, instead of waiting for the modem to break AGAIN, how about replacing it now, huh?" So he finished up across the street, came back, swapped out the modem, and we're live again.

There's misia's limoncello cake cooling, and her lemon curd to fill it with. I have washed my comforter and my blanket and am working on the sheets. the kid's birthday t-shirt arrived today. I still have to go to Falvey Linen Supply to try to buy some dish shirts -- I tried that today but apparently the managers are only there between 6 and 9 AM. Luckily I don't start work until noon.

So if I missed something you really wanted me to see, please link me?

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