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living breathing talking love

It's probably sad that I'm so proud of this.

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It's probably sad that I'm so proud of this.

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But I just vacuumed the living room floor.

Time spent vacuuming: 12 minutes. That includes doing the stairs with the extension wand and edge tool, and then swapping out the wand for the regular beater bar front, because I don't have a newfangled "onboard tools" vacuum, I've got a vintage 1982 Kirby that looks like a '57 Chevy and weighs approximately 3 tons. I wouldn't give it up for anything, either, because it's the only vacuum I've ever had that actually PICKS UP dirt instead of just pushing it around.

Time spent getting the living room READY to be vacuumed: 2 HOURS. Because I had two boxes of files and a big pile of papers that NEEDED to be filed strewn over the floor, from the things I've been doing the past couple of days that needed all that paperwork. So I spent two hours (in 15-minute chunks, with breaks) opening envelopes, filing the relevant contents, and shredding the envelopes and irrelevant stuff. I can empty the shredder basket twice into a paper grocery bag before I fill it. I dropped two full grocery bags of shreds into the single-stream recycling bin.


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